Kati Heljakka

Toy researcher and toying artist Katriina Heljakka’s (D.A. in visual culture, M.Sc. art history and economics) doctoral thesisPrinciples of adult play(fulness) in contemporary toy cultures. From Wow to Flow to Glow was examined at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture on the 8th of June 2013. Heljakka currently holds a post-doc researcher position at University of Turku (digital culture studies) and continues her research on the cultures of play. She serves as a member of the board for ITRA (International Toy Research Association), as chairwoman for the Women in Toys, Entertainment and Licensing organization (WIT) and works at the family company Tactic Games in Finland.

Kati Heljakka_photo
contact:  kati.heljakka@tactic.net

website: www.katiheljakka.com

blog: katistoycloset.wordpress.com

Anna Vallgårda

Anna Vallgårda studies Interaction Design as a material practice. This entails creating new expressions for computational things through various material and form-giving practices. In general, she experiments with new combinations of materials, forms, and forms of interaction. After she finished had PhD at the IT University she did a two year post doc at the Swedish School of Textile working in their smart textile research program. Since 2012 she has been back at ITU where she established the IxD lab that she is now heading.IxD Lab: http://itu.dk/IxDLab/

Personal website: http://akav.dk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/akav

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