About the course

This course will explore the relations between materiality and play from a multidisciplinary perspective. Material Play will explore how humans use materials to play, and what characteristics of materiality are more readily used in play activities.

The course will explore topics on toys and interaction design, the sociology of material play, and interaction design as material practice. In a world in which play is increasingly becoming the dominant interactive form of engagement with materials and technology, we need to understand the relation between the creative, appropriative activity of play and its material roots.

The course will propose readings ranging from critical design research to sociology of play and material studies, with the purpose of providing a broad overview of the topic and how it influences different research disciplines.

The course will also serve as a forum for interdisciplinary conversations. To ensure this, the course will not only have plenary discussions of the participants’ papers, but also a workshop in which the participants will explore and engage with the creation of material play in different forms and contexts, from toys to aesthetic objects.

To signup, please contact me (see Contact & Signup) and be aware of the Requirements for the course.

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